EN NUESTRAS MANOS [IN OUR HANDS]     (coming soon)

In 2015, filmmaker Matt Anderson traveled to Biointensive and organic farms across five Latin American countries. From the ancient aquatic Chinampas of Xochimilco to the outskirts of São Paulo in Brazil, the backyard gardens appearing all over Ecuador and Nicaragua to the remote high altitudes of pre-Columbian Peru.

We discover a powerful resurgence of small-scale, traditional and chemical-free agriculture that has quietly spread across Latin America. Thanks in part to pioneer Juan Manuel Martinez - who has traveled tirelessly for over 30 years teaching workshops to "anyone who breathes" - there are now millions who have been trained in the Biointensive method.

En Nuestras Manos [In Our Hands] is a voyage to the heart of an agricultural revolution.

This film was made possible by a grant from Patagonia.