“An intellectually powerful and visually stunning indictment of a civilization in peril... peers into the psychological, historic and spiritual factors that lie at the heart of the looming environmental catastrophes we’re confronting... ”
- The Public Radio

FALL AND WINTER is an epic and spectacularly photographed journey in search of what is causing our unfolding global crisis. Pollution, droughts and diminishing resources now threaten the very engine driving these catastrophes: civilization itself. Massive dislocations are manifesting in our lifetime, and our world will never be the same.

This is not a story of despair but rather a rallying effort to find our way back towards harmony with nature. FALL AND WINTER uncovers ingenious new strategies for the future while drawing on past wisdom; it is a survival guide for the 21st century.


“...gives us the long view of our current environmental problems... it’s attempting to awaken your mind to things you haven’t thought of before that are already well within the world you know and understand."
- The Matinee

“These people are radicals today, no doubt; but it’s not hard to imagine their creations catching on in the future if not for love of nature but from need.”
— CBS Minnesota